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Liberal Bill in Oregon Proposes Giving Homeless $1,000 a Month with No Strings Attached

Oregon is now reportedly considering legislation that would provide homeless and low-income residents with $1,000 per month in universal basic income.

The Oregon legislature is debating legislation to create a People’s Housing Help Fund Demonstration Program under the state Department of Human Services.

Oregon’s measure is the latest in a line of blue states seeking to provide handouts to participants in various universal basic income (UBI) schemes.

A controversial, far-left idea which proposes to simply give individuals money without any traditional needs testing or documentation.

If implemented, the proposed measure in Oregon would establish the first statewide Basic Universal Income pilot program, providing $1,000 per month to homeless and low-income persons.

Senate Bill 603 would provide $ 25 million from the general budget to establish the People’s Housing Support Fund Demonstration Program, which would be overseen by the Department of Human Services.

Anyone suffering homelessness, at danger of homelessness, substantially rent burdened, or earning at or below 60% of the local median income would be eligible for two years of $1,000 monthly payments from the fund.

The $1,000 payments might be used anyway the recipients see fit.

The law would require a study on who is getting the money, with demographics such as ethnicity, veteran status, and risk of domestic violence considered.

Moreover, the measure expires in January 2026.

Other liberal areas have already made similar moves toward implementing Universal Basic Income programs.

Transgender persons in Palm Springs, California, are eligible for UBI payments of up to $900 per month simply by identifying as transgender or non-binary for instance.

The effects of implementing a UBI program at the state level remain unknown.

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