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Polls Show Trump Far Out Ahead of GOP Competitors, Crushing Biden in General Election Matchup

In the Real Clear Politics average of national polls, former president Donald Trump has amassed the largest advantage in GOP primary polling.

Furthermore, he maintains a consistent lead over President Joe Biden in a fictitious 2024 general election matchup.

As of Friday morning, the RCP’s average of national Republican primary polls places Trump at a commanding 63.8% in the polls.

Former President Nikki Haley is currently tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (10.8%) for the lead with a 52-point margin.

However, DeSantis’ support has decreased by nearly three percentage points since last month, and she is now in close proximity to Haley.

The first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire on January 23 and the Iowa caucuses on January 15 represent the Republican candidates’ first genuine tests in mere weeks.

In Iowa, Trump leads DeSantis by 32 points in the polls, with 51.3% of the vote compared to 18.6% for DeSantis and 16.1% for Haley.

Regarding New Hampshire, Trump maintains a marginally larger lead of 46.3% over Haley, who ranks second with 24.8%.

Recent Iowa and New Hampshire polls indicated that Haley was on an ascent.

In the most recent InsiderAdvantage poll, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations tied with DeSantis for second place in Iowa at 17%.

However, in an Emerson survey conducted over the weekend, she held a 17% lead over DeSantis.

Recent Fox Business polling in Iowa found DeSantis to be 18% ahead of Haley by 16%, with Trump maintaining his 52% lead.

According to the most recent poll of New Hampshire conducted by St. Anselm, the lead of Trump over Haley was a mere 14 points. Trump secured 44% of the vote, compared to Haley’s 30%.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie secured the third position with 12%.

DeSantis (6 percent) and Vivek Ramaswamy (5 percent), a tech entrepreneur, ranked third and fourth, respectively, among nearly 2,000 prospective primary voters in New Hampshire.

An earlier this month UMass Lowell poll of 450 probable primary voters yielded contrasting results: Trump received 52% of the vote, Haley 22%, DeSantis 10%, Christie 6%, and Ramaswamy 4%.

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