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Biden to Skip UN Climate Summit

Joe Biden has angered environmentalists, again.

The President is skipping the UN’s Climate Summit in Dubai, The Daily Caller reports.

Biden has claimed that his absence is due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The Caller report continues:

President Joe Biden is reportedly skipping a major United Nations climate summit that starts Thursday and will welcome leaders from nearly 200 countries, a White House official told the New York Times.

The White House official, granted anonymity to speak freely about the president’s schedule, did not tell the Times why Biden was skipping COP28, though the individual noted to the outlet that the president has been preoccupied with the Israel-Hamas war.

King Charles III, Pope Francis and other world  leaders are set to attend the conference in Dubai.

“They’ve got the war in the Middle East and a war in Ukraine, a bunch of things going on,” John Kerry, Biden’s special envoy for climate change, said last week, according to the Times.

John Kerry, Biden “Climate Czar, will attend the conference in his place.

Kamala Harris, Biden’s Vice President, is not planning to attend, according to the report.

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