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Lori Lightfoot Wiped Out in Chicago Mayor’s Race, Doesn’t Even Make Run-Off

Lori Lightfoot, the notoriously liberal mayor of Chicago, lost her bid for re-election on Tuesday while garnering an underwhelming 17.06 percent of the vote.

A number that wasn’t even good enough to qualify for a runoff election, and instead saw her finish at third place in a field crowded with mayoral candidates.

Lightfoot has been under fire since at least the summer of 2020 for Chicago’s shockingly high crime rates, crime rates that have shot to historic highs under her Democratic administration.

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas received 33.77% of the vote, while Cook County Commissioner and Chicago Teachers Union organizer Brandon Johnson received 20.29% respectively qualifying them both for the run-off election in which one of them will eventually be chosen to be Chicago’s next mayor.

Under Lightfoot, Chicago’s crime rate has skyrocketed, a fact which became a major point of contention for her opponents.

Homicides in Chicago reached the highest level in 25 years in 2021, exceeding even other crime-ridden cities such as New York City and Los Angeles.

Throughout her term, the mayor has been chastised for her bad connection with law enforcement, despite the fact that the city’s police department has lost a substantial number of officers due to the surge in crime.

With the defeat, Lightfoot becomes the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election.

Many conservatives on social media were quick to celebrate in the immediate aftermath of Lightfoot’s loss:

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