Then CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta receives the 2018 William Randolph Hearst Award. [Photo Credit: Legoktm, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

REPORT: Rumors CNN Will Axe Acosta are Untrue

Rumors have been circulating that Jim Acosta will get the axe from CNN amid starting shakeups at the struggling network.

Mediaite is reporting that sources have told them that those rumors are “bullsh*t.”

The problems at CNN began when CNN+ a streaming service the network spent millions on failed. What followed was the firing of left-wing host Brian Stelter.

Since, rumors have swirled about who would be the next on the chopping block.

Acosta, who is another liberal host at the network seemed like a likely next person to go.

We reported earlier this year that Acosta, and Don Lemon, were expected to remain at the network. [RELATED: Acosta and Lemon Expected to Remain]

Mediate’s report continues:

Journalist Jon Nicosia (a former Mediaite managing editor) set the rumor mill churning with Acosta’s name with several tweets last Tuesday claiming another “big name” would be leaving CNN, and then following up on Friday by identifying that name as Acosta.

Acosta’s name may have sounded plausible for the chopping block in light of reports that CNN’s new president Chris Licht was pushing the network away from the “extremes” of partisan commentary, including being willing to “oust” on-air talent that didn’t fall in line — and several of these reports speculated about Acosta’s fate by expressly mentioning his name.

However, in this case, the rumors seem to be just that — rumors — and Acosta is not going anywhere, with support coming from the very top.

“Absolute bullsh*t,” a source close to CNN leadership told Mediaite about the rumors, saying that Licht himself had made it clear Acosta was safe and there were zero plans to kick him to the curb.

The report went on to say that Chris Licht, the CEO is personally in support of Acosta staying with the network.

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