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Joy Reid Claims She’d Vote for Biden Even if He was ‘in a Coma’

In a Thursday TikTok tweet, MSNBC personality Joy Reid declared that she would “vote for” President Biden even if he were “in a coma.”

“By the way, if it’s Biden in a coma, Imma vote for Biden in a coma,”  Reid said.

“He’s not [Trump], right?”  she continued.

Reid stated unequivocally that the main reason she chose to vote for Biden over Trump was the harm she believed a reelection of Trump would bring to the nation.

This autumn, Democrats across the nation are debating whether Biden should continue to serve as the party’s standard-bearer after his unnerving debate performance heightened concerns about his advanced age.

In an email sent on Wednesday for fundraising purposes, Joe Biden, 81, stated that no one “is pushing” him “out,” despite the White House’s insistence that he will not withdraw from the presidential campaign.

Though Kamala Harris hasn’t said that she would be in favor of the shift, she has emerged as the most likely Democrat to succeed Biden should he step down.

Biden has being urged to withdraw from the 2024 contest publicly by three House Democrats so far.

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