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REPORT: Michelle Obama Refusing to Campaign for Biden Over Treatment of Hunter’s Ex-Wife

According to a new report from Axios, former First Lady Michelle Obama has declined to campaign for President Joe Biden due to his family’s maltreatment of Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

According to the account, Obama and Buhle formed a connection during Barack Obama’s administration that has lasted to this day.

Michelle Obama, who had made friends with Buhle during the Obama administration, quietly expressed to others that she believed Buhle had been treated unjustly by the Biden family.

Buhle testified in court during her ex-husband’s gun trial and had already enraged the family by disclosing graphic facts about his life — including his drug use and liking of prostitutes — in divorce files in 2017 and a book published in 2022.

In her book, Buhle describes Biden continually attempting to conceal his drinking issue from her and becoming upset with her when she challenged him about it.

She also discusses how she realized that Biden was cheating on her with his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden.

The Bidens, who are renowned for their insularity, were opposed to Buhle’s decision to pen the book, which contained some disparaging details about the family.

However, Buhle’s supporters argued that she had written it only after Hunter’s own book had disclosed intimate details about their marriage and his addictions.

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