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Scarborough Erupts After Fox News host Makes Joke About Paul Pelosi

On Friday night, during an appearance, Joe Scarborough was extremely angry at Fox’s Rachel Campos-Duffy for making a joke about the assault on Paul Pelosi.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussed the ongoing controversy surrounding South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s (R) continued justification for the death of her companion, citing it as an example of her capacity to make difficult choices, on Monday.

However, Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski were appalled by the fact that some Republicans have begun to use “cruelty” as evidence of their “toughness.”

They referenced the recent Fox News segment in which Campos-Duffy made a jest regarding the home invasion in 2022 in which Pelosi was assaulted.

Scarborough noted that making such a remark would have resulted in the termination of an individual’s employment.

“This really goes to, again, Republicans trying to be tough. And I will say too, and this was sort of a phrase that people started talking about several years ago, that cruelty actually is the point. That somehow cruelty shows toughness. There was a Fox News conversation this weekend that a lot of people were talking about where the brutalizing of Paul Pelosi, the brutalizing of a man in his 80s, was a punchline. And again, something that would have gotten, pre-Trump would have gotten anybody fired from any network anywhere would have we would have had… ” Scarborough said.

“You know, we go back to even at the beginning of [former President] Donald Trump’s presidency when he attacked Mika, talking about “bleeding badly from a facelift.” You had a lot of Republicans had spoke out against him.” he continued.

“You’ve gone a step too far, face-shaming, all this other stuff. We’ve gotten to a point where those boundaries are off, where somebody can laugh about Paul Pelosi. Because people in the audience, when Donald Trump makes fun of Paul Pelosi being brutalized and attacked and almost bludgeoned to death by a hammer.” the MSNBC host proclaimed shrilly.

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