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New Poll Shows More Americans Trust Trump Over Biden on Inflation and Economy

A new poll finds that more Americans trust former President Trump than they do President Biden regarding the economy and inflation.

Economy and inflation ranked among the most important issues for Americans in the impending presidential election, according to a survey by ABC News/Ipsos.

A greater proportion of respondents said they trusted Trump on these matters than Biden. In the survey, 88% of Americans indicated that the economy and 85% said the same regarding inflation when determining who to vote for.

46% of Americans surveyed said they have faith in Trump regarding the economy, compared to 32% who said the same about Biden. An additional 21% of respondents said they had no faith in either of the leading presidential candidates regarding the issue.

In addition, 44% of Americans surveyed said they had faith in Trump’s ability to control inflation, compared to only 30% who said the same about Biden. An additional 25% expressed a lack of trust in both candidates regarding the matter.

Additionally, the poll revealed that a greater proportion of participants reported a decline in their financial circumstances since Biden assumed office, as opposed to those who stated an improvement.

A total of 43% of respondents indicated that their financial circumstances have deteriorated since Biden became president, while 40% said they are roughly in the same position and 16% said they have improved.

In addition, the poll inquired about the outcomes of a fictitious head-to-head match between Biden and Trump, and the results indicated that the race between the two front-runners remains close.

Among all adults surveyed, Biden had 44% support compared to Trump’s 46% support. However, among registered electors, Biden held 46% support compared to Trump’s 45% support.

When broken down by those who were inclined to vote, Biden maintained a slight advantage over Trump, receiving 49 percent of the support compared to 45 percent for the former.

The online survey, conducted by ABC News/Ipsos from April 25-30, involved 2,260 respondents. The margin of sampling error for the sample is 2 percentage points.

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