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New Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden in Swing States, Even When RFK is Included

According to a recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal, it has been revealed that Donald Trump, the former president and the presumed Republican presidential nominee, is currently leading President Joe Biden in 6 out of 7 crucial swing states.

This lead remains consistent whether or not the respondents are given the choice to vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running as an independent candidate for the presidency.

Based on a recent survey conducted by the Journal, Trump is currently leading in one-on-one matchups in several key states.

In Arizona, he holds a 47% to 42% advantage, while in Georgia, the margin is much closer with Trump leading by just one point at 44% to 43%.

In Michigan, Trump maintains a slight lead of 48% to 45%, and in North Carolina, he is ahead by a margin of 49% to 43%. Similarly, in Nevada, Trump holds a 48% to 44% advantage, and in Pennsylvania, he leads by a narrow margin of 47% to 44%. The latest poll shows that he and Biden are tied at 46% in Wisconsin.

In the latest polls, Donald Trump maintains a lead in key battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Even with the inclusion of third-party candidates like RFK Jr., Trump’s support remains strong. Nevertheless, he trails behind Biden in Wisconsin with a 3-point margin (41%-38%).

According to the poll, voters have expressed greater trust in Trump’s ability to handle a majority of important issues. According to recent polls, the former president holds a significant lead over his opponent in several key areas.

He is seen as having a strong advantage when it comes to the economy, with a 54% to 34% margin. Similarly, he is favored on the issue of inflation, with 53% of respondents supporting him compared to 33% for his opponent. The former president also enjoys a wide lead on border security, mental fitness for the job, and the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.

These numbers suggest that the former president’s policies and approach resonate with a majority of voters. In contrast, Biden holds a favorable position on abortion, with 45% of respondents supporting his stance compared to 33% for his opponent.

Additionally, he is seen as a protector of democracy, with a narrow margin of 43% to 42% in his favor.

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