[Photo Credit: By The White House - P20220711KR-0678, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=122941874]

Biden White House Demands Fox News Undo Its Coverage of Hunter Biden Bribery Allegation

In the aftermath of the arrest of a key member in the bribery charges against the Biden family, the White House is now requesting that Fox News withdraw its coverage of bribery claims against President Biden’s son, Hunter.

White House Special Assistant to the President Ian Sams attacked the network for airing and publicizing bribery allegations against the president’s son, calling the charges against Hunter Biden “false.”

“I would cite the number of times Jesse Watters and Sean Hannity promoted this allegation and made false statements about President Biden on primetime television throughout this time period, but the footnote citations would fill multiple pages,” Sams wrote in a letter to Fox.

“As you of course now know, the source of this allegation has been federally indicted for making the whole thing up. Despite this, Fox has taken no steps to retract, correct, or update its reporting on this false allegation from 2023.” he continued.

The primary focus of House Republicans’ attempt to impeach President Biden is his son’s overseas business transactions, which the administration has continuously discounted as politicized and unworthy.

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