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GOP Legislator in Ohio Stripped of Leadership Position After Domestic Violence Arrest

Bob Young, a Republican and a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, reportedly lost his leadership position on Thursday as a result of his second arrest in less than two months in connection with an ongoing domestic abuse investigation.

The Summit County congressman was removed from his position as a committee chair by fellow Republican House Speaker Jason Stephens after he was accused of breaking a protection order.

Young was charged with assault and domestic violence by a grand jury in July. Inquiries for comment sent on Wednesday and Thursday went unanswered by Young’s attorney.

The removal, which Stephens’ spokesperson Aaron Mulvey confirmed, lessens Young’s influence in the House and reduces his compensation by $9,000 at the same time.

Young earlier denied Stephens’ request for her to quit. Young can keep his seat because the accusations are misdemeanors rather than crimes.

Democratic legislators officially demanded that he forfeit any special privileges in the House and echoed Stephens’ earlier this week calls for his resignation.

Young was detained last week on suspicion of breaking a protective order by repeatedly leaving voicemails for his wife. Although he was released on his own recognizance, he is required to wear an ankle monitor constantly.

To stop his wife from dialing 911, Young allegedly hit her in the face and hurled her phone into their swimming pool in July.

Authorities claim that when she took refuge in Young’s brother’s house, Young pursued her and charged at him when he refused to let him enter, breaking the glass door and injuring both men.

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