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Nancy Mace Slams Stephanopoulos After Brutal Interview

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) slammed George Stephanopoulos on Sunday for aggressively questioning her about endorsing former President Donald Trump while also sharing her experience as a victim of rape.

The intense interview started with ABC airing a clip of Mace discussing the challenges women like herself face when speaking out about being raped in 2019.

Stephanopoulos then questioned the congresswoman about her backing of Trump despite his legal troubles involving sexual abuse and defamation.

Stephanopoulos persisted in questioning Mace for a few minutes, with Mace insisting he was attempting to embarrass her.

Throughout the conversation, Mace highlighted that the ruling against Trump was in a civil case, not a criminal one, and referenced Carroll’s lighthearted comment about using the awarded money for a shopping spree.

The interview transitioned into Stephanopoulos questioning Mace about the U.S. Capitol breach on January 6, 2021, and airing a clip of her stating shortly after that Trump should be held accountable and disqualified from holding office again.

Mace also mentioned that her constituents are worried about the border situation under President Joe Biden. She brought up American citizens, like Laken Riley, who were reportedly killed by undocumented immigrants.

Stephanopoulos concluded the interview by stating that Mace expressed her comfort with Trump being found liable for rape and his actions on January 6.

In subsequent social media posts, Mace posted the complete video of her interview with Stephanopoulos and kept criticizing the anchor.

She mentioned his role as an aide to former President Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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