[Photo Credit: By The White House - P20230901AS-0180, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=138803502]

Biden Caught on Hot Mic Making Shocking Statement About Israeli Leader

President Biden informed a Democratic lawmaker and members of his Cabinet after the State of the Union address that he planned on having a serious ‘come to Jesus’ discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During his address, Biden dedicated over five minutes to discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict, making it the most extensively covered topic aside from his remarks on democracy.

Biden was overheard speaking with Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) on the House chamber floor. Bennet had praised Biden’s speech and urged him to maintain pressure on Netanyahu regarding growing humanitarian concerns in Gaza.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg were standing with Biden and Bennet during the short conversation.

“I told him, Bibi, and don’t repeat this, but you and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting,” Biden said.

An assistant to Biden then seemed to alert the president that his microphone was still on.

“I’m on a hot mic here. Good. That’s good.” Biden can be heard saying in response.

The embarrassing moment comes after Biden revealed in his address that the U.S. military would assist in establishing a temporary pier close to the region to facilitate the delivery of more supplies into Gaza.

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