[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Trump Decides to Post Massive 91 Million Dollar Bond

Former President Trump has now posted a bond of approximately $91 million on Friday while appealing the recent verdict in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit.

Trump had sought to postpone posting his bond or lower the amount while pursuing a new trial and challenging the recent verdict.

Trump promptly paid the full amount of $91.63 million, which is 110 percent of the damages, following the judge’s denial of his request for an extension.

Trump has obtained an appeals bond from insurance company Chubb, but it is still uncertain what collateral he used.

Now that his bond has been posted, Trump is looking to stop the judgment’s enforcement while he pursues his appeal, which he also submitted on Friday.

In January, a federal jury in New York ruled that Trump must pay Carroll $83.3 million for defaming the advice columnist in 2019 by rejecting her allegations of past sexual assault by the former president.

Last year, a different jury found Trump responsible for sexually abusing Carroll, which resulted in the former president paying $5.5 million in cash. If he prevails on appeal, he will receive a refund.

With nearly half a billion dollars in new civil penalties looming from Carroll’s recent verdict and another from the New York attorney general’s fraud case, Trump tried to delay paying both amounts.

However, his decision to pay the entire bond amount in Carroll’s case represents a significant change from earlier in the week.

Previously, the former president had tried to convince U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who was appointed by former President Clinton, to postpone enforcement, but was unsuccessful.

Trump claimed that he would suffer irreparable harm if required to post the entire $91.63 million bond and believed he could have the amount lowered through post-trial motions or appeal.

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