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New Poll Shows Trump Taking Lead In Crucial Swing State

A recent poll conducted in the pivotal swing state of Wisconsin indicates that Former President Donald Trump has surpassed President Joe Biden in popularity.

According to the poll conducted by Marquette Law School, Trump is now ahead of the Democratic incumbent in the state among registered voters by a margin of two points.

Specifically, 51% of the respondents expressed support for Trump, while 49% expressed support for the Democratic nominee.

The results indicate that Trump’s popularity has increased in comparison to Biden since January, when both candidates had a same level of support at 49%.

Wisconsin is among the seven pivotal swing states in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, carrying a value of 10 electoral votes.

In addition to Wisconsin, the other swing states are Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Collectively, these states provide a total of 93 electoral votes.

Trump was leading Biden in the Midwestern state, but Democrat incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin had a five-point edge over Republican rival Eric Hovde.

Among registered voters, Baldwin has 52% support while Hovde has 47%. When asked of probable voters, the two Senate contenders are evenly matched.

The Marquette Law School survey findings follow a recent Wall Street Journal poll that indicated Trump’s lead over Biden in six out of seven swing states, including a tie in Wisconsin.

According to the survey, Trump is currently leading in North Carolina with a six-point margin against Biden. Additionally, he has a five-point advantage in Arizona and a four-point advantage in Nevada.

Trump’s lead was discovered to be three points in both Michigan and Pennsylvania, and one point in Georgia.

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