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‘The Atlantic’ Forced to Fire Contributor Over Rape Allegations

The Atlantic announced that it has now terminated its association with renowned author Yascha Mounk in light of writer Celeste Marcus’s allegation of rape against him.

The managing editor of the culture and politics publication Liberties, Marcus, documented her purported sexual assault in an article titled “After Rape: A Guide for the Tormented.”

The author neglected to mention Mounk, a contributing writer for The Atlantic, in the article published on January 2.

Marcus shared an email correspondence she had with Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, and Adrienne LaFrance, its executive editor, regarding her allegation on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday.

The following day, Goldberg expressed his gratitude to Marcus for alerting him to the situation.

The final publication by Mounk for the magazine appeared on December 8th.

Johns Hopkins University, where Mounk is a professor, learned of the allegation on Sunday, according to a spokesperson for the institution.

Marcus’s article for Liberties provided a comprehensive guide for individuals who have been brutally affected by sexual assaults as well as a harrowing account of her own allegedly encounter with Mounk.

Publicly, Mounk has still not yet addressed the allegation.

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