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Karl Rove Sends Out Warning Over Controversial Audio Tapes of Ronna McDaniel

As evidenced by a new audio disclosure which claimed former President Donald Trump exerted pressure on election workers to withhold vote certifications for Joe Biden, Karl Rove cautioned that RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel might be “in trouble.”

Trump and McDaniel allegedly threatened to pay the legal fees of two Michigan canvassers who declined to vouch for the election results, according to new audio recordings obtained by The Detroit News on Thursday.

Inquiring about the latest development, Fox News anchor John Roberts consulted the erstwhile adviser to President George W. Bush.

The RNC chairman, according to Rove, was “extremely inappropriate” and could potentially “get into trouble.”

“I think the former president’s got a problem with this. They had voted to certify the election. He had attempted to force them to change their decision, which they tried to do. I think this is what we would call election interference. And just as he got into trouble in Georgia over a similar act, calling the secretary of state and saying, find me 11,000 some odd more votes.” Rove said.

“This is a problem. The president, former president, should not have been doing this. These people are supposedly independent officials who are supposed to certify the election based upon their review of the process and the procedures in place. And he’s attempting to get them to change their opinion after the fact. This is not a good move, if accurate and if this tape is or is is true, The former president’s created another problem for himself.” he continued.

Roberts then asked Rove if he thought the issue would also be an issue for RNC chair Ronna McDaniel.

“Oh, I think it is. I think the chairwoman is in trouble here because she’s saying to them, if you agree to make it change your decision on certification in Wayne County, we’ll get your lawyers to stand by you. And again, I think that was highly inappropriate.” Rove said.

For his endeavors to nullify the results of the 2020 presidential election, Trump is charged with four criminal indictments in four courts of law.

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