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REPORT: Don Lemon Received ‘Pile of Money’ From Elon Musk ‘Upfront’ to Launch New Show on X

The cost of Don Lemon’s new program on Twitter/X, according to a new report, was far more substantial for Elon Musk, the platform’s owner, than he has so far let on.

In the most recent episode of her Pivot podcast, Kara Swisher stated that she had previously advised the former CNN anchor not to collaborate with Musk, but to obtain the money in advance if he did.

After last week’s declaration that Lemon would return to broadcasting via a three-times-weekly program on Twitter/X, co-host Scott Galloway and Swisher discussed the arraignment.

First, Swisher revealed that she had been communicating with Lemon prior to the announcement of the agreement.

“I knew a lot about this because I talked to Don about it quite a bit. I had other suggestions for him. I suggested he do a deal with Ben Shapiro or do the Megyn Kelly route. I didn’t think this was a good idea. So that that’s just full disclosure. And I told him so, and I said, you know, get the money upfront. I just don’t think it’s going to go well for you on this platform. But he did it.” Swisher said.

Then she later revealed that Lemon had been paid a ‘pile of money’ in exchange for his show.

“I think they paid Don a pile of money. I know they did, pile of money up front. The pile…” Swisher said.

“X paid Don Lemon?” Galloway said in response.

“Yes.” Swisher replied.

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