[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Trump Slams Biden For Not Being Religious Enough

On Tuesday in Iowa, former President Donald Trump charged President Joe Biden with lacking sufficient religiosity at a campaign rally.

Or course we’re for parental rights, but the Democrats aren’t. They’re fascists. They want people to take your children and do things with your children that are not even speakable. Americans of faith are not a threat to our country, Americans of faith are the soul of our country and they have been from the beginning. I will defend religion and I will defend ‘In God We Trust.’” Trump said.

“And you know that very important phrase is under siege, you do know that right? We will defend it 100%. When Joe Biden lit the national Christmas tree earlier this month, he completely failed to even mention the birth of Jesus Christ, which is hard to do if you celebrated Christmas, right? He didn’t mention Jesus Christ in his remarks, not for three years he hasn’t mentioned that and barely mentioned God.” Trump continued.

“When I was president, we brought back the beautiful phrase “Merry Christmas,” and I said I’d do that. I’m very proud of that, actually, because as I said at the beginning, it was really under siege. And when I lit the Christmas tree each year, it was my honor to publicly celebrate the true source of Christmas joy, which is Jesus Christ.” he added.

The line of attack is a new one for Trump, who is not known for his religiosity.

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