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North Korea Claims To Have Launched Spy Satellite

Last week, North Korea announced the launch of its first spy satellite into orbit and now claims to have the capability to spy on the United States. Kim Jong Un allegedly watched the launch himself.  

According to multiple reports, the state media claims that North Korean leader Kim reviewed undisclosed photos of the White House and Pentagon taken by the new satellite. They claim to be building a library of reconnaissance of the United States and yet another blow to Joe Biden’s foreign policy. 

UPI noted

“Four U.S. Navy nuclear carriers and one British aircraft carrier were spotted in the photos,” state media reported.

Kim also looked at pictures of Rome, Italy, and Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, the report added.

State media has not released any photos taken by the satellite, and military analysts have questioned the resolution and quality of images it is capable of capturing.

Over the weekend, state media reported that Kim had reviewed photos taken of military locations in South Korea as well as images of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which was docked in the southeastern port city of Busan.

Last Tuesday, wrote The Hill, “the White House said it “strongly condemns” the possible satellite launch. It also said the launch violated United Nations Security Council resolutions prohibiting North Korea from using ballistic missile technology.

‘The president and his national security team are assessing the situation in close coordination with our allies and partners,” the Biden administration said in a statement. “We urge all countries to condemn this launch and call on [North Korea] to come to the table for serious negotiations.'”

North Korea’s success came after two failed attempts earlier in the year. 

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