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Americans Growing Tired Of Biden Foreign Policy Blunders

Americans are growing tired of seeing their country blunder in its foreign policy under the Biden presidency. After our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the constant chaos at the southern border, and the White House making the Middle East more dangerous by pumping billions into countries that fund terrorism, polls are beginning to show a waning of public confidence in the White House. 

This is especially true when it comes to China, who many believe has become America’s greatest global adversary. 

The Washington Examiner writes

The Biden administration and other Democrats hoped the meeting would show voters — and ultimately the world — that Biden could still hold his own on the world stage and in the presence of the nation’s geopolitical foe. Instead, people weren’t buying it, and a plurality of voters still rated Biden poorly on dealing with China.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 45% of “likely U.S. voters” gave Biden a poor rating “for his handling of issues related to China.” Conversely, the poll shows that just 35% of voters gave Biden a “good or excellent rating” on China.

It’s the latest ominous sign for the blundering administration that highlights the election vulnerability of the Democratic president. Throughout his term, people have continuously doubted Biden’s ability to lead. The skepticism has only worsened less than a year before the next presidential election.

Of particular interest was the poll’s poor rating of Biden by Democrats.

While the majority of them rated Biden “as doing a good or excellent job of handling China,” 41% of Democrats felt otherwise, according to Rasmussen. That is a significant portion of Democrat voters who are unsatisfied with their president. 

One area where two of Biden’s biggest failures are colliding comes in the form of Chinese illegal immigration to the United States. 

New Conservative Post reported that “government data has revealed that over the past year, the Department of Homeland Security has caught over 24,000 Chinese citizens crossing into the United States from Mexico. Despite the long distances traveled, and challenges of the journey. This number surpasses the total number of apprehensions in the previous decade significantly.”

Many of those caught coming over the border claim to be fleeing China’s tyrannical post-COVID policy.

Of course, that’s probably not the only reason that Americans have grown skeptical of Biden’s relationship with Communist China. They did make his family members rich, after all. 

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