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Democrat Fundraising Platform Caught Processing Donations for Illegal Immigrant Bail Fund

According to the fund’s donation page, the Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue is now processing contributions for a bail fund that seeks to assist in the release of detained undocumented immigrants.

The Black Immigrant Bail Fund’s donation page specifies that ActBlue charities are responsible for processing contributions.

Donations to “assist in the liberation of 111 Mauritanians from a racist system that punishes people seeking safety” are being solicited on the website of the organization.

“Their detention is based solely on their inability to post a $5,000 bond. We are not stopping until EVERY Black Immigrant in ICE detention is FREE. We will not let any Black immigrant’s freedom to hinge on their wealth because we believe Black Lives Matter no matter where they were born,” the donation page reads.” The website states.

The option to bond out of detention custody may be granted to unauthorized immigrants by an immigration magistrate, who evaluates potential threats to public safety and determines whether the individual is a flight risk, as reported by ICE.

Citizens, lawful permanent residents, law firms, and non-profit organizations of the United States are permitted to post bonds.

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