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Judge Shoots Down Attempt to Put Abortion on Ballot in Nevada

A proposed referendum initiative for 2024 in Nevada, which aimed to incorporate reproductive rights, including abortion, into the state’s Constitution, was dismissed by a judge.

District Judge James T. Russell, siding with the Coalition for Parents and Children PAC, a newly formed political action committee that filed a lawsuit last month to obstruct the petition, determined that the proposed ballot initiative was excessively broad, encompassing a “number of subjects that amount to logrolling.”

His decision follows a petition filed by Nevadans for Reproductive Rights, a political action committee (PAC) advocating for abortion rights, on September 14.

According to reports from The Las Vegas Review Journal, Russell also maintained that the question’s implications were ambiguous.

Additionally, he emphasized that financial support would be necessary to establish a commission tasked with assessing whether a healthcare provider performed an abortion in accordance with the necessary standards of care.

Supporters of reproductive rights in the pivotal state have declared their intention to persist in their endeavors, and Nevadans for Reproductive Rights intends to file an appeal of the ruling.

Petition proponents would be required to amass more than one hundred thousand signatures by July 8th, should the Nevada Supreme Court reverse its ruling, so as to qualify the measure for the 2024 ballot.

If ratified, Nevada would be able to follow in the footsteps of Ohio, which became the seventh state to safeguard abortion access via referendum earlier this month.

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