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Senator Diane Feinstein Hospitalized After Fall

According to a new report on Wednesday, Senator Dianne Feinstein is now reportedly in the hospital once again after stumbling and falling at her San Francisco home.

The senator, who is 90, has suffered with health issues recently. Senators are currently on their yearly August break, whereas she had spent the previous couple of months in Washington D.C. on legislative work.

Feinstein missed roughly 100 votes while away from the Senate for nearly three months due to shingles. She eventually returned in May.

She arrived at the U.S. Capitol in a wheelchair and seemed weak.

Since her return, assistants have been forced to show her around the Capitol and instructed her on how to cast her vote on significant items of legislation.

She said that because she is still experiencing adverse effects, physicians urged her to work a lesser schedule.

In 2016, Feinstein and her late husband Richard Blum purchased a $16.5 million property in the exclusive Presidio district.

She has served as the senator for California for about 31 years.

She has resisted resignation but has granted her daughter Katherine power of attorney.

Because of her health issues and worries that her absence may impede the confirmation of President Joe Biden’s justices, Feinstein received demands for resignation, even from her fellow Democrats.

She is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which conducts the hearings for confirmation.

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