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Former Pence Advisor Rips Old Boss Over Trump Comments

Former 48th Vice President Mike Pence national security advisor Keith Kellogg reportedly criticized his former boss on Monday, saying he was “unworthy of the presidency.”

“I’ve worked alongside many leaders in my years of service to this Nation. Among them, President Donald J. Trump stands apart as a figure of unwavering determination, a deep vision for America, and the courage to take a stand where others wilt. His bold and dramatic leadership style during his Presidency resulted in significant achievements for our country.” Kellogg wrote in a post on Truth Social.

“For a period of time in the White House, I served as the National Security Advisor to Vice President Pence. While I respect his service to our Nation, I must express my disappointment in his recent actions regarding President Trump.” he continued.

“It is not the decisive leadership that we have seen from President Trump. Where President Trump is bold and unafraid to challenge the status quo, Pence has often chosen the passive route, avoiding confrontation. This lack of assertiveness, combined with an overreliance on failed political consultants like Marc Short, has demonstrated a laisse-faire [sic] leadership style unworthy of the Presidency.” he concluded.

Kellogg followed up his criticism of Pence with praise of former President Trump:

“That is not what Republican voters want. President Trump’s dedication to the prosperity and security of the United States is unwavering, as is his vision for the future. I believe in the future President Trump envisions. A future that demands bold and decisive leadership, something we have seen in President Trump but not from the former Vice President.”

Just a few days before, on the same social media platform, Trump had insulted Pence and said that he had “gone to the Dark Side.” Kellogg made the allegation.

Pence is currently polling well behind Former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the race for the GOP primary nomination.

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