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Dead Congressman Somehow Manages to Win Primary Contest

On Tuesday, the Democratic nomination for another term in the House was reportedly secured by the late Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-N.J.), who passed away in office just weeks prior.

Payne passed away in late April from a heart attack that was precipitated by complications from diabetes.

The ballot in New Jersey had already been established.

He was unopposed in the Democratic primary for the 10th Congressional District of New Jersey.

Gov. Phil Murphy (D) had already scheduled a special election to select a candidate to serve the remaining months of Payne’s current term.

The primary is scheduled for the upcoming month, and the general election is scheduled for September.

The victor will be able to serve the final few months of the term.

The members of the party county committees in the district are responsible for selecting the Democratic nominee for the forthcoming November general election for the next session of Congress, as stipulated by state law.

In order to elect a candidate, the county commissioners of Essex, Hudson, and Union counties, which collectively comprise the 10th District, would convene a convention for the committee members.

The convention must be held by the end of August.

Nevertheless, the convention may be held subsequent to the special primary, which would enable the members to elect the nominee to serve the remaining portion of the term.

However, they are not obligated to select that individual.

The general elections in September and November are almost certain to be won by the individual who wins the special primary next month and is the convention’s choice for the next term in the secure Democratic district.

In 2012, Payne succeeded his father, former Rep. Donald Payne Sr. (D), in representing the district following his own demise from colon cancer.

The elder Payne was the first Black American to represent New Jersey in Congress.

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