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Spokesman for Kristi Noem Slammed on Social Media for Attacking DeSantis After South Dakota Governor Accused of Supporting Transition Surgeries for Minors

The main spokesperson for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., reportedly infuriated social media users when he criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ abortion stance while giving a comment on an unrelated matter.

Nate Hochman, a National Review staff writer, detailed the interaction in a piece on Thursday, stating that he had gone out to Noem’s team for comment on purported links between South Dakota Republican politicians and transgender activists and medical groups.

Hochman laid out his case against the Noem administration in a series of Tweets which highlighted her allegedly cozy relationship with a medical group that profited from young people transitioning.

“Governor Noem was the only Governor in America on national television defending the Dobbs decision,. Where was Governor DeSantis? Hiding behind a 15-week ban. Does he believe that 14-week-old babies don’t have a right to live?” The spokesman said.

Hochman told the story of his exchange with Noem’s spokesman on his Twitter account.

Conservatives on Twitter where quick to blast Fury’s seemingly random attack on DeSantis:

DeSantis first signed legislation restricting abortion access after 15 weeks in April, months before the Supreme Court ruling in June that reversed Roe v. Wade.

DeSantis has surged in polls relating to potential 2024 presidential matchups in recent months.

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