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Officials in New York City Punish Banks After They Fail to Submit Woke ‘Anti-Discrimination’ Plans

After Capital One and KeyBank failed to file the necessary anti-discrimination strategies, officials in New York City on Thursday reportedly restricted account deposits.

At the conclusion of the previous month, Capital One retained $7.2 million in city money while KeyBank held $10 million.

While Lander argued that International Finance Bank, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo also disregarded the anti-discrimination policies, through which the firms were asked to detail ways in which they avoid discrimination in branch openings and closings, lending decisions, hiring, and other operations, officials voted to freeze new deposits at the two companies for as long as two years.

These later companies do not at the moment possess city funding.

Forcing banks to adhere to the environmental, social, and corporate governance movement, generally known as ESG, which contends that firms should use their financial clout to accomplish certain social objectives, New York City officials drew criticism.

In fact, Democratic politicians have proposed measures that would separate the debtor’s financial responsibilities from considerations for personal loans.

President Joe Biden’s appointee Sandra Thompson, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, recently unveiled a policy that will make Americans pay higher mortgage rates and monthly fees if they have strong credit scores, while those with lower credit scores and smaller down payments will receive better rates.

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