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Fox Host Steve Doocy Criticizes Trump’s Attack on Judge

Fox News host Steve Doocy responded to President Trump’s historic speech responding to his indictment with criticism of the former President.

President Trump spent time in his speech criticizing the Judge who would preside over his case.

Trump took aim at Judge Juan Merchan, who has presided over previous Trump cases.

However, Trump did not stop there, he took it further and criticized the judge’s family members.

Fox News host Steve Doocy criticized the former president, Mediaite reports.

During Tuesday’s speech at Mar-a-Lago, Trump seemed to defy any judicial direction, calling out the judge’s family members. “And this is where we are right now,” the former president said toward the end of his speech. “I have a Trump-hating judge with a Trump-hating wife and family, whose daughter worked for Kamala Harris and now receives money from the Biden-Harris campaign, and a lot of it.”

Doocy mentioned an earlier report from Lucas Tomlinson about a threatening post that Donald Trump made on Tuth Social that suggested there would be “death and destruction” if he were charged. Doocy noted how “the judge warned him and his attorneys to make sure that doesn’t happen. Six hours later, at Mar-a-Lago, the judge was attacked, the judge’s wife, and the judge’s daughter.”

Doocy then noted that the judge’s daughter “wound up on truth social in a bunch of social media sites yesterday because she works for a consulting firm that did work” for the Biden-Harris campaign.

Ainsley Earhardt appeared to tacitly defend Trump’s “attack,” saying, “Go on their website — we were scrolling through it yesterday — they represent a lot of Democrats, a lot of Progressive Democrats.”

While Trump mentioned the family members in the speech and their apparent biases, he didn’t “attack” anyone as noted by Fox News host Brian Kilmeade saying, “didn’t say ATTACK the family, he mentioned them in a speech.”

The judge did not issue a gag order on Trump, he just warned the former president not to incite violence.

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