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REPORT: Trump’s Own Secret Service Agents Called to Testify Against Him

According to sources cited in a new report, a number of Secret Service officers are now preparing to testify as part of the federal inquiry into the handling of confidential materials by Donald Trump. This investigation is being conducted on behalf of the federal government by Special Counsel Jack Smith

According to a tweet posted by Bret Baier of Fox News, several Secret Service officers related to the former president have been subpoenaed.

The claims of subpoenas being issued by the Secret Service come after there have been other signs that the investigation being conducted by Smith into Trump’s handling of secret documents is gaining momentum.

There has been no disclosure of any more information concerning the rumored forthcoming testimonies from the Secret Service.

The charges that Trump mishandled classified papers that were taken from his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida last August and subsequently sought to thwart government attempts to obtain them are the basis for the investigation that is currently underway.

Trump has asserted that he did nothing illegal in regard to the discovery of top-secret items at his house.

After receiving a federal subpoena to have all of the documents returned in May 2022, it was reported by The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, that investigators have evidence that Trump looked through some of the boxes of government documents in an apparent attempt to hold onto certain materials after receiving the subpoena to return them all.

Trump is accused of telling people to mislead government officials who were trying to recover the materials and of instructing his lawyers to release statements saying that he had returned them all to the National Archives and Records Administration.

This is in addition to the fact that Trump is accused of telling his lawyers to release statements saying that he had returned the materials.

When Trump surrenders in New York on Tuesday, as part of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into hush money payments, he will officially become the first sitting president of the United States to be charged with a felony.

Trump also asserts that he did nothing illegal in relation to the inquiry being conducted by Bragg.

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