Former President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a "Save America" rally at Country Thunder Arizona in Florence, Arizona. via Gage Skidmore

TikTok Personality Wants to Normalize Tainting the Drinks of Trump Supporters

A TikToker argued for “normalizing” the spitting in a drink of Trump supporters at bars and restaurants in a 42 second video rant.

The rant from leftist user “@steamindish” which was video taped from the front seat of her car was shared by “LibsOfTikTok” on Twitter.

The rant:

Normalize spitting in the drinks of Trump supporters. Are you in a bar or brewery or restaurant in which you did not expect to see a Trump supporter because their website and décor otherwise declare that they are LGBTQIA+ friendly? Maybe they’ve got a pride flag. Maybe they’ve got a BLM flag in their window. But you still for some reason see an ungodly Trump supporter and heaven forbid they are also wearing Trump merchandise.

Well, take an unfinished drink from a table, spit in it, take it over to them and tell them that you bought them one. And then pray to whatever glorious creature gets you out of bed in the morning that they take a sip of it and suffer for the rest of the day. Thank you, goodbye.

Here’s the video:

According to the reports, the user understandably attracted a lot of attention that she was not looking for which led to the eventual deletion of her TikTok account.