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Fox Legal Analyst Shreds Entire New York Legal System Over Mishandling of Trump Case

Fox News Legal Editor Kerri Kupec Urbahn criticized the New York State justice system for its handling of the case against former President Donald Trump. Urbahn highlighted the current struggle Trump faces in his attempt to secure a $460 million appeal bond.

President Trump and attorney Alina Habba have been making efforts to postpone or lessen the payment of a substantial fraud judgment, which could potentially amount to over $460 million if their appeals are not successful. Recently, they submitted a motion asserting their inability to secure the necessary bond for these appeals.

In the Wednesday morning episode of Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade inquired about the available options for Trump, which led to a scathing critique of the justice system in New York.

When asked what options Trump has, Urbahn responded:

“He doesn’t really have any. He has to pay this money. And by Monday. And and Brian it this whole situation–”she said.

“Honestly, it shocks the conscience because think about it. If New York can abuse the law in this way against Donald Trump and use the law against him in a way the law has never, ever been used against someone in the history of New York, and they can abuse it against the former leader of the free world, a still very powerful and wealthy man who has unlimited resources at his disposal. What hope does the average person have?” she continued.

“You know, I was talking to someone over the weekend, a woman who owns an eldercare agency. She’s not in Washington. She’s not in politics. She told me she likes Trump. And I said to her, what do you think about all of these cases against him? And her immediate reaction was, ‘They’re not doing that to him. They’re doing that to us.'” Urbahn added.

“And I think that’s a very real concern of Americans. And it should be whether you’re in a Republican or an American, if you don’t have a free and fair justice system, which in New York right now, we do not. You don’t have a free country.” she concluded.

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