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Pentagon Decides to Move Far-Left Racist From Top Post

The Pentagon said on Thursday that a radical activist Kelisa Wing who has made statements against white people is reportedly no longer in charge of the “diversity” programs at the schools that are attended by the children of military members, despite the fact that she has not officially been fired or penalized in any way.

The news comes after a question and answer session on Thursday before the House Armed Services Committee, senior Pentagon official Gil Cisneros, who was appointed to his position by President Joe Biden, was required to read and explain divisive statements against white people that were made by one of his employees.

Cisneros, who is the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, was in charge of deciding the conclusion of an investigation against former DEI head Kelisa Wing because of her controversial tweets regarding white people, in which she referred to them as “Karen[s].”

Cisneros asserted that he was not part of the investigation in any way. Despite this, the Pentagon has frequently pointed the finger of blame at him as the one responsible for determining the results of the investigation.

Wing has in the past denied that her writings were divisive in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary.

In his role as chief of the Defense Education Institute, Wing was actively involved in the development of the curricula for the Pentagon’s 160 schools for youngsters related to the military.

According to statements made by Wing, her objective in the field of education was to “bring down the system.”

In response to a question regarding whether or not the moment had come for a “racial reckoning” and “revolution,” she gave an affirmative answer, showing just how deep her radicalism went.

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