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Fetterman Hospitalized After Experiencing Unknown Medical Incident

S⁠⁠en. John Fetterman was reportedly hospitalized overnight after experiencing lightheadedness at a Senate retreat on Wednesday.

The rookie Pennsylvania senator, 53, was taken to George Washington University Hospital by his aides, according to a statement from spokesperson Joe Calvello.

The incident sparked concerns since Fetterman had a stroke in May during his high-profile Senate race against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Following his stroke in May, Fetterman announced to the world that he had a heart problem in a letter from his cardiologist. According to the letter, Fetterman’s stroke was caused by atrial fibrillation, and he also has cardiomyopathy, which required physicians to install a pacemaker.

Throughout the race, journalists focused on Fetterman’s slurred speech and difficulties hearing, both of which are long-term symptoms of a stroke.

Following his stroke last May, Fetterman revealed he had a heart condition in a letter from his cardiologist that was released to the public.

The letter said that Fetterman’s stroke was caused by atrial fibrillation and that he also has a condition called cardiomyopathy, which led doctors to implant a pacemaker.

Fetterman’s stroke remained in the headlines throughout the race, as publications zoned in on his slurred speech and difficulty hearing — both long-term effects from a stroke

Fetterman’s team has claimed that the initial tests that have been run on Fetterman do not show evidence of a second stroke, however they cautioned that more tests still have to be run.

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