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Biden Administration Reportedly Funneling Millions to China Backed Renewable Energy Company

President Joe Biden’s Energy Department reportedly channeled millions of dollars to a green energy company in the months following its partnership with a Chinese state-owned enterprise that the company recognizes might face devastating sanctions.

According to federal spending disclosures, carbon capture company LanzaTech has received more than $10 million in grant payments from the Biden administration since April 2021.

At the same time the company announced a partnership with Sinopec Capital—the clean energy investment arm of the Sinopec Group, a Chinese state-owned oil conglomerate also known as the China Petrochemical Corporation.

Green energy has been prioritized by Biden’s administration, with the Democrat striving to spend billions of dollars in “America’s clean energy economy” in order to generate “good-paying employment” in the United States.

However, China’s domination of the renewable energy supply chain ultimately calls that priority into question.

Aside from LanzaTech, Biden’s Energy Department has highlighted a $200 million award to lithium battery manufacturer Microvast Holdings.

Microvast is based in China and was recently listed to a Securities and Exchange Commission radar of Chinese firms that have failed to meet American auditing standards.

LanzaTech has political ties to prominent Democrats. Billionaire venture investor Vinod Khosla, one of the company’s most powerful financiers, chaired then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s India policy team in 2008 and later hosted a $32,400-per-head Democratic Party fundraiser at his California estate, which Obama personally attended.

In April, Biden’s Energy Department announced the sale of roughly one million Strategic Petroleum Reserve barrels to Unipec, the trading arm of China’s state-controlled gas behemoth.

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