Lt. Gov. John Fetterman listening to speakers. Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Commissioner Robert Evanchick confirmed today that Trooper Martin F. Mack III, 33, and Trooper Branden T. Sisca, 29, were struck and killed by a driver earlier this morning on I-95 south in the area of milepost 18 in Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County. A male pedestrian was also struck and killed at the same time. .Philadelphia, PA – March 21, 2022. [Photo Cred: Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

Joe Biden Says Six GOP Senators Secretly Agree With Him, But Won’t Reveal Who

President Joe Biden said Thursday that six Republican Senators agree with him but he will not reveal who they are.

The report from The Daily Caller reveals that Biden told supporters at an event that six Republican Senators agree with his view about the Republican Party and have told him as much in private.

Biden was in Pennsylvania for a campaign reception in an effort to help Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman.

Biden said:

“I’ve had six Republican senators … and I promised I would never say their names and I will never reveal who they are,” Biden continued. He claimed the senators came to him and said, “Joe I know you’re right. If I vote for you I’ll be primaried by the Trumpites.”

The president is tring to help Fetterman who is a far-left socialist beat Trump-endorsed Republican candidate Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman has lost favor recently for his cognitive decline following a stroke and the highlighting of his far left policies, including letting first degree murderers free from prison while head of pardons as lieutenant governor of the state.

Biden who has showed his own signs of cognitive decline, even before entering the White House and Fetterman who has issues with his stroke were not allowed to be recorded at the event.

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