President Joe Biden signs the Further Surface Transportation Extension Act, Sunday, October 31, 2021, at Villa Taverna in Rome. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Joe Biden is the Left’s Perfect Sap

As Joe Biden continues to struggle as president, flailing from one crisis to the next, it’s become apparent that he’s merely the sap that the Left will pin the blame on as Americans suffer for their utopian vision. Sure, they may lose in 2022, but the long term gains for them will be worth it–so they think.

He’s played this role perfectly. For decades Joe Biden was known as “Joe from Scranton,” the politician for the working class. His first stop in the 2020 campaign was Pittsburgh, not New York City or San Francisco, and who could forget where he finished his 2020 campaign? 

“Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden came to his home town of Scranton on election day in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, talking of “restoring decency to the White House” if he wins.

He pledged to unite a riven country and rebuild a middle class hollowed out by economic inequality. Biden was cheered by 200 or so supporters as he visited his modest childhood home in Green Ridge, a leafy suburb just outside the city center. 

Joe from Scranton. He rides the Amtrak. He’s like me and you.

To implement their vision on America, the Left needed someone to win power by appealing to the working class, who had lost a step and thus would depend on his staff for policy, and who was content with being president rather than acting like one. That’s what we got.

According to the IER, “The Green New Deal, however, would require a $10 tax increase on a single gallon of gas, according to a study by the CO2 Coalition. Key to the Green New Deal is the goal of eliminating gasoline-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles. But in order to make electric cars desirable to consumers gasoline prices would have to increase to $13 per gallon.”  

The Left knows that the “transition” to their preferred “green” policies would be painful for regular people, but they did not want to be blamed because it might hurt them in the long run. Enter Old Joe. He gets to live in the White House while his administration buys oil from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran [Link AAN article]. They shut down the XL pipeline and respond to skyrocketing oil futures by requesting $2.6 billion to promote gender equity worldwide and renewed calls for green energy (except for nuclear, of course), but he gets to amble around flying in Air Force One and eating ice cream. 

They get the policy, he gets the blame. Everyone knows a mark when they see one. 

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