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Kevin McCarthy to Reportedly not Back Rep. Santos for Re-Election After Arrest

After learning of Republican Rep. George Santos’ arrest, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly announced on Wednesday that he would not support Santos’ reelection.

Santos was taken into custody by federal agents early on Wednesday morning on 13 counts, including wire fraud, lying to Congress, and money laundering.

Santos has proven to be a crucial vote for McCarthy and House Republicans given their tenuous House majority.

McCarthy made it plain that he will not back Santos’ reelection in 2024.

Despite many investigations into his alleged campaign finance irregularities and deceptive claims to Congress as well as during his 2020 campaign, the troubled congressman started his reelection campaign in April.

Santos’ expulsion from Congress has not yet been requested by the speaker, and no comments have been made on any such procedure. Raju was informed by him that there is a “process” for removing congressmen.

Raju stated that according to reports, McCarthy did state that he would demand Santos quit if the House Ethics Committee determined that the troubled New York lawmaker had broken campaign financing regulations.

On March 2, the House Ethics Committee opened an inquiry into Santos to look into the allegations of campaign finance crimes. Ethics experts and journalists said Santo’s campaign finance reports were made to hide specific transactions.

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