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Politico Outs GOP Midterm Challenger as Survivor of Sexual Assault While in Military

Supporters on social media raced to the defense of GOP midterm challenger Jennifer-Ruth Green, after she was unceremoniously ‘outed’ as a previous victim of sexual assault while she was in the military.

Ruth Green is currently running to try and unseat Democrat incumbent Rep. Frank Mrvan in Indiana’s first congressional district.

Adam Wren, a journalist working for Politico, revealed the extremely personal details, details which Ruth Green had not previously agreed to make public by searching through her military records.

Wren published his findings in a wide-ranging piece on Ruth Green he published at the website.

Ruth Green had reportedly pleaded with the publication not to publish the previously undisclosed details of her assault, but the political magazine refused.

While Politico has maintained that the details were obtained legally via a public records request, Ruth Green has fired back, accusing the magazine of using information that was ‘illegally’ obtained, potentially by her Democratic opponent in an attempt to smear her.

Green went on to release a statement on social media in which she said that Politico’s decision to publish the previously private information without her consent made her feel victimized again:

Ruth-Green received a torrent of support on social media from conservative, independents and Democrats alike in the wake of the shocking news:

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