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Fox News Host Jessica Tarlov Makes Bizarre Statement About Senator Ted Cruz

Fox News “The Five” co-host Jessica Tarlov responded to the Dobbs decision by attacking Senator Ted Criz (R-Tx.) with a wild hypothetical.

The Daily Wire reports that Tarlov questioned Cruz’s response to the abortion question should his daughters be victims of assault.

Tarlov said that if “men were carrying the children,” this ruling wouldn’t have been overturned. She also slammed the idea that it will be easy for women to “just cross state lines” to get an abortion, as many in the media had been talking about during the day following the ruling.

Tarlov then took aim at “some of these states” that she said are not going to allow any exceptions for “rape or incest” — without providing an example of states where that was happening.

Tarlov focused her attacks on Republicans and the burden that carrying children puts on women.

While she wasn’t challenged for her wild accusations, Fox Host Dana Perino did respond to her categorization of “Republican women.”

Perino pointed out that contrary to media narratives, like Tarlov’s, many women actually support the decision of the court in Dobbs v Jackson’s Women’s Health.

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