President Joe Biden departs the U.S. Capitol after speaking at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, October 28, 2021. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

Biden Claims Americans are Psychologically Unhappy

In an interview with Brian Tyler Cohen, President Joe Biden declared that his unpopularity came from Americans being unable to “feel happy” because “of the psychological impact of COVID on the public.”

He further went on to say, “I hope my legacy is that I was able to restore some decency and honor to the office; I was able to bring the middle class back to a place where they had real opportunity, given an even chance to succeed; and I was able to reconstruct our alliances, which had been frayed so badly, internationally, and that I was able to bring people together, bring the politics of America together.” 

In related news, The Telegraph recently reported that following the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, poverty has dramatically increased in that country, and some parents have had to sell their kidneys to buy food for their children. 

Things look bleak for the White House’s political chances in the coming fall. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the organization in charge of ensuring that Democrats retain control of Congress in the upcoming midterms, recently released a poll, that according to, found “that that 57% of voters in competitive congressional districts agree with the statement, ‘Democrats in Congress have taken things too far in their pandemic response,’ and 66% of self-defined ‘swing’ voters in competitive districts agree with that statement. White and Hispanic voters in competitive districts were equally as likely to agree (59%), while Black voters (42%) and Asian voters (46%) disagreed with the statement. The poll also did not define what ‘taken things too far’ means.” 

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Sixty-two percent of voters in contested districts agreed with the statement, ‘Democrats in Congress have created a border crisis that allows illegal immigrants to enter the country without repercussions and grants them tax-payer funded benefits once here.’ Seventy-eight percent of swing voters in those districts agreed.” 

In an effort to change the narrative, Nancy Pelosi decided to drop the mask mandates in Congress just in time for the president’s State of the Union address, while states controlled by Democrats across the country have opted to lessen masking requirements in schools. After two years, The New York Times finally came to the same conclusion most did in 2020, “This is the right time to lift the requirement for masks in schools. It’s a lot to ask young children to wear masks for several hours a day, especially when so many adults seem to struggle with it.”

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