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Joe Scarborough Reacts to Biden’s Disastrous Debate Performance, Predicts Trump Will Win in November

Following President Joe Biden’s debate performance, Joe Scarborough was saddened to predict that unless there’s a change, former President Donald Trump will be the next US president.

“I think I should start by saying, without any apologies, that I love Joe Biden…and Jill. And I will gladly debate anybody any time, any place, anywhere over the issue of whether Joe Biden has been the most effective president in passing bipartisan legislation and expanding NATO and responding to the rising threat coming from China by flexing America’s strength, around China by having the strongest economy in the world, bar none.” Scarborough said.

“I’ll debate that issue with anyone and I will win — I will destroy anybody that wants to debate Joe Biden’s record over the past three and a half years,” Scarborough said, He can run the White House. He can run the country effectively, despite the barrage of lies that constantly come at him like Donald Trump’s lies last night.”

It’s a shocking development for MSNBC morning show viewers, whose hosts have continuously defended President Biden’s mental acuity while decrying stories of his evident decline and hardening during the last three and a half years in office.

“But the door was open so many times this race should not be close. We’ve been asking, why is this race close? We have no idea why this race is close. We saw last night why this race has been close, and why I fear Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, unless things change.” Scarborough concluded.

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