[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

House GOP Member Introduces New Bill to Name U.S. Coastal Waterways After Trump

On Friday, Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) will reportedly introduce a measure that would designate all U.S. coastal waters in honor of Donald Trump, who will be turning 78.

The legislation aims to rename the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone to the “Donald John Trump Exclusive Economic Zone of the United States.”

During his tenure as president, Trump repealed more than 100 environmental regulations, including several that were related to the ocean.

“During his time in office, President Trump took several commendable actions for our oceans as part of his work to make America strong, secure, and economically prosperous. I’m honored to introduce legislation that will rename our coastal waters after President Trump and serve as a reminder of his many contributions to our nation for generations to come.” Steube said during a recent Fox News appearance.

Steube’s bill is likely to fail in the Senate, regardless of whether it is approved by the House however.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) introduced a measure earlier this year that would rename Washington-Dulles International Airport in honor of the former president, as Fox News noted.

Democrats responded by proposing a measure to rename a federal prison in Florida in honor of Trump, who is currently facing a federal criminal indictment in the state.

Prosecutors contend that he willfully retained classified documents after his departure from office and impeded the government’s efforts to retrieve them. He has entered a plea of not guilty.

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