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Former Fox Host Chris Wallace Almost Goes Into Shock After Bill Maher Predicts Trump Will be President Again

CNN’s anchor Chris Wallace was visibly taken aback when comedian and television presenter Bill Maher informed him that former President Donald Trump will “probably be president again.”

For this week’s installment of his Max series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Wallace conducted an interview with Maher regarding a diverse array of subjects, including politics. his new book and his fondness for marijuana.

Wallace was taken aback when Maher casually predicted a Trump victory over President Joe Biden in a preview clip.

“Starting in 2018. You started predicting with some regularity, that if Donald Trump lost his bid for re-election in 2020 that he wouldn’t leave.” Wallace said.

“I said it before he was elected the first time. I kept saying slow moving coup – it’s happening and it’s going to happen and it’s and we see it, I mean, the stages of it. We just keep going down this road and I noticed that the right wing now has sort of talked themselves into this idea that he’s just this buffoonish comedian and he says crazy things. You know, he always has said things. He, it’s like he’s not serious, so they don’t take it seriously. And that’s the problem we have is that this is very serious, and he’s running a much more serious campaign this time.” Mayer responded.

“So what do you think happens if he loses this time?” Wallce asked.

“Well on January 20, 2025, he’s gonna show up on inauguration day whether he wins or loses because he will claim that he won. That is the one thing I can absolutely predict with utter certainty. He will never, as I kept saying all those years, he will never concede an election. He’s certainly not going to concede this one.” Maher responded.

“So you also have a podcast called Club Random and on it recently, you told Jerry Seinfeld that if he wins, not loses but wins, you’re not going to go nuts again. So is it that you think Trump 2.0 wouldn’t be as bad or you just don’t care as much?” Wallace inquired.

“Oh, I care I just what I’m not going to do is just lose my nervous system at every step of the way. I think he just thinks of power. He just wants to get that back. He, this is the guy who’s going to be probably President again.” the comedian responded.

“You think so?” Wallace asked.

“I think it probably odds on yes. I mean, he’s certainly winning now. And Biden does not look like a very good candidate.” Maher remarked.

“So January 20, or or maybe Election Day, I mean, that’s when you lose your mind?” Wallace queried.

“We could lose a lot more than my mind.” Maher concluded.

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