[Photo Credit: By Palácio do Planalto from Brasilia, Brasil - 18/03/2019 Entrevista para Fox News, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=91062944]

Trump Goes After Fox Host Shannon Bream After Interview With Alina Habba

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump rebuked Fox News anchor Shannon Bream for disputing allegations made by Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba.

Habba was confronted by Bream during an interview on Wednesday after the Trump lawyer implied that President Joe Biden was responsible for Trump’s hush money trial in New York.

“The Biden administration’s not responsible for this trial. It’s a state trial… It’s Alvin Bragg. Whether you think there’s a political motive for him, it’s not connected to the DOJ. I mean, the feds passed on these election charges.” Bream asserted.

The former president was not pleased with Bream’s response however.

“I never knew Shannon Bream was so “naïve.” In her interview with my Representative, Alina Habba, Shannon just suggested that Crooked Joe Biden was not involved in my Show Trial.” Trump wrote on his Truth Social account.

“HOW STUPID! Not only is he involved, he is virtually leading it, and all of the other Trials as well – Meaning, his people, because he’s not mentally sharp enough to lead anything! Just take a look at the DOJ/White House Thugs involved, and everything else. Biden is incompetent, and feels that Weaponization is the only way he can win. He’s counting on the Shannon Breams of the World to get him there. Bad day for Shannon!” he continued.

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