[Photo Credit: By Petty Officer 1st Class Mark Barney - https://www.dvidshub.net/image/3761181/irma-overflight, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62399647]

Sick Pro-Palestinian Protestor Threatens and Mocks GOP Congressman With No Legs

On Thursday, a video was uploaded to social media in which a vicious pro-Palestinian heckler was shown ridiculing Republican Florida Rep. Brian Mast by attacking his mechanical legs and making threats against him.

Mast lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan.

The video, which was shared by The Palestine News Network, appeared to depict Mast being accosted by the heckler, who repeatedly inquired about the congressman’s legs and issued threats concerning a ‘red triangle’ on the congressman’s head.

One Twitter user noted that the red triangle was a feature utilized in Hamas propaganda that is displayed on the targets of the terrorist organization’s attacks.

Mast did not accept the abuse for very long however, and verbally hit back immediately.

“You want to know what happens when they [his mechanical legs] get stuck up somebody’s ass? You want to know?” the congressman said in response.

“Oh, is that a homophobic comment?” the heckler said in response.

“It is a comment,” Mast retorted.

A police officer subsequently intervened by threatening to arrest the apparent heckler for impeding a member of Congress.

“I will never bow to pro-Hamas sympathizers. I will always put America first. Today, tomorrow, and forever,” Mast tweeted out after the incident.

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