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Jen Psaki Declares She Doesn’t ‘Hate’ Fox’s Peter Doocy

Jen Psaki, the former White House Press Secretary, reportedly disclosed in a recent interview that she “didn’t hate” Peter Doocy, the Fox News White House correspondent, despite their frequent heated exchanges in the briefing room.

Dee Dee Myers, another former Press Secretary who served during the Clinton administration, was also present at the forum, which was hosted by The Ankler.

According to the former Biden Press Secretary, who departed for MSNBC to make room for the current White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, she was sufficiently informed about the network to anticipate the questions Doocy might pose on any given day.

“People often ask me, ‘How much did you hate that guy?’ And I’m always like, ‘No, I didn’t hate him at all.’ I feel like it would be a real mind-bend to work for Fox. It feels like a traumatizing experience he has to live through every day.” Psaki said.

“That aside, it’s quite predictable what they were going to ask — if there was a winding roundabout of, you know, ‘migrants at the border, here to kill all of you,’ you knew they were going to ask about immigration that day. So I didn’t see it as necessarily winning the argument with him as much as using it as a forum to provide what our points were, right? When I came in, we followed Trump and an administration that was like, ‘inject bleach, you’re all liars, we hate the media.’ So there was a very low bar for me.” she continued.

Doocy maintains a contentious relationship with the White House of President Joe Biden and occasionally with the president himself.

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