[Photo Credit: Ava Lowery]

Joe Scarborough Has Meltdown In Response to Judge Eileen Cannon’s Decision to Delay Documents Case Against Trump

Tuesday’s decision by federal judge Aileen Cannon to indefinitely postpone the prosecution of former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case appears to have severely disappointed MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough.

Who subsequently unleashed an unhinged rant against Cannon for her allegedly “bizarre” decision.

MSNBC contributor Lisa Rubin began the conversation by stating during the discussion that she remained dissatisfied with Aileen Cannon’s performance as a federal jurist in this case.

To which Scarborough responded: “You look at what the 11th Circuit said, the most conservative circuit in America. They excoriated her for an earlier ruling, excoriated her on appeal. Just, just, just absolutely humiliating her. It’s one of the reasons I thought that she would be a bit more careful, a bit more circumspect, play more down the center, play more by the rules, than she has. But she has not. I mean, you you look at what she’s talking about regarding jury instructions. It’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

“A 12-year-old that went with her mother to “Take a Kid to Court Day,” as a lawyer or something would have come up with a better ruling that than she’s come up with. It’s bizarre. And I am sure that if that’s appealed, and now that there’s time, the 11th Circuit will excoriate her again. I guess she’s either ill-equipped, extraordinarily ill-equipped, or she just doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. She’s right now looking like, everything she’s doing, she’s doing to help Donald Trump.” he continued.

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