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New Survey Shows Americans Split on Ukraine Aid

A recent survey has now revealed that Americans remain divided on the issue of whether the United States should continue providing additional assistance to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, despite the recent passage of a measure by Congress to support such help.

The YouGov study revealed that 28 percent of Americans are in favor of augmenting assistance to Ukraine, while 29 percent advocate for reducing aid from the United States.

Twenty-six percent of individuals believe that it is appropriate for it to remain at its current level.

In September 2022, the percentage of Americans in favor of augmenting assistance to Ukraine reached a peak of 31 percent and has since seen fluctuations.

In September, there was a significant decline, reaching the lowest point ever, with only 18 percent of Americans in favor of expanding aid.

In October, following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, the percentage of Americans in favor of reducing aid to Ukraine increased to 33 percent.

However, the lowest level of support recorded was 24 percent in October 2022.

According to the survey, Democrats exhibited a threefold higher likelihood compared to Republicans in supporting the augmentation of military assistance to Ukraine.

48% of Democratic respondents expressed support for expanding aid, but only 10% favored lowering help. 16% of Republicans expressed support for boosting aid, while 43% indicated a desire to reduce spending.

The YouGov survey was carried out from Sunday to Tuesday among a sample of 1,651 individuals who are of adult age. The margin of error is 3 percentage points.

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